Bad Bunny Enamel Pin

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Black Nickel Soft Enamel Pin

Bugs you've been a very BAD BUNNY!! This depiction of Lola giving Bugs a fun over the knee spanking is just the pin you need in your collection. 

2" Soft Enamel Pin

This pin has two rubber backers to help your pin stay in place. 

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Aguilar (Eugene, US)

Fantastically inappropriate in all the best ways. I guess they were pretty stoked to win that basketball game with MJ!

Corey Jones (Auburn, US)
Worth It

I bought this a novelty gift for myself and I couldn't be happier without it. I have it on my lanyard and I wear it for humor and pride.

Thomas Carlson (Williamsburg, US)
Beautiful Role Reversal

I love this pin so much. The role reversal of a well-worn image is delicious. The carrot is a nice touch.

Of course, as always, the quality of the artwork as well as the pin itself is top-notch.

My favorite pin ever!

On top of the high quality and great size, I cannot get over bug's face! It just conveys so much ecstasy that I'm happy for him lmao. Seeing this pin (on Instagram I believe) brought me to the shop because I absolutely had to have it, and I ended up getting a whole bunch more and I love them all!

Sean O'Connor (Flatwoods, US)
bugs gets it in the end

great pin love the reversal on the scene