Fuck You Pay Me Enamel Pin

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Inspired By All The Artists, Sex Workers, and Everyone Else Out There! 

"This will be great for your portfolio"

"But sex is fun!" 

The perfect pin to tell people to pay up!

2" Soft Enamel pin with 2 rubber backers!

Customer Reviews

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Doug (Albany, US)
Forget passive aggressive...

It's just aggressive aggressive. I thought it was hilarious when I saw it and many of my co-workers agree. At a time when the labor force is finding a way to fight back from being undervalued, this pin just says out loud what everyone else is just thinking.

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Chris Hall (Berkeley, US)
The Labor Motto of the 21st Century

Certainly appropriate for your favorite sex worker, but also for anyone who works freelance or is otherwise at the mercy of people who want you to work "for the exposure." Fuck that. Gave this to a graphic designer friend of mine who's going through hard times, and she was utterly enamored of it.

Inna Santiago (Lancaster, US)

Fuck You Pay Me Enamel Pin

Stephanie M Hayslip (Dearborn Heights, US)
Can't wait for him to get it!

My best friend and SW says this ALL. THE. TIME. I wish I could see his face when he gets it!!!

Matthew Kelley (Oberlin, US)

Fuck You Pay Me Enamel Pin